PHANTOMS is an ongoing photographic commentary
exploring how we are losing touch with one another as we depend more
and more on social networks, texting, and e-mail "to communicate." 

With all its glamour, sophistication and convenience,
advances in technology are ultimately alienating each one of us on a personal level.
Instead of promoting real human interaction, the converse is taking place.
We are becoming more anxious, isolated, anti-social
and yes, lonely and depressed.

Instead of speaking face-to-face or even voice-to-voice,
we're coexisting in space without really seeing or knowing one another.
We're living in a netherworld...neither here nor there...rarely present.
It's as if we're evaporating into another dimension as
we yearn for a simpler, more peaceful past.


As I move through life,

human beings seem to be disintegrating.

I see a face here, hear a voice

there, but then they're gone.

Blurred, garbled, disjointed...

They're all around me.

Sometimes I see them, smell them, touch them,

sometimes not.

They walk by, sometimes

we connect for a few moments,

sometimes not.

They are in my heart, my mind,

but mostly on my phone and my computer.

They pass by in cars, in the mall, in the park,

on the street, sometimes not.

They are living, breathing, moving past

me, sometimes not.

Perhaps they are phantoms,

perhaps not.